Angelika C. Bullinger
Innovation and Ontologies
Structuring the Early Stages
of Innovation Management

With a foreword by
Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Ralf Reichwald

1 Point of Departure
Remember how you were recently looking for a document on your personal computer? How
long it took you to remember what it was called, when it was revised, created or updated? Think
of the last job you took over from a predecessor – how often did you discover information
stored in a file where you look too late? How many hours did you spend understanding the way
information was structured, catalogued and linked? And last time when your team sat together
musing on a decision problem, when – by pure coincidence – a colleague passed by, heard the
topic and, in some moments’ time, showed you that, some time ago, the same problem has
already been solved – and stored in some hidden parts of your server system. Eventually –
remember the time when there was no GOOGLE? When search engines like YAHOO and
ALTAVISTA kind of forced you to know which category your quest belonged to (sometimes
difficult if you just want to know what an ontology is)?