The Management of
Technology and
A Strategic Approach

Margaret A. White
Oklahoma State University
Garry D. Bruton

Texas Christian University

The management of technology and innovation (MTI) is an issue that faces
all firms today. The waves of change in the business environment include
new technologies and innovations that force industries and firms to find new
ways to compete and to survive. Just as a storm of new products seems to be
emerging rapidly, new ways of doing things (new processes) are emerging to
help firms be more efficient and effective.
To meet these waves of change, business must find ways to manage technology
and innovation. These changes include new ways to generate and
implement strategic goals. These implementation issues include new ways to
communicate needed information, organize tasks, and manage people. As a
practical matter, these waves of change have resulted in an increasing number
of engineers moving beyond technology concerns into management. Likewise,
they have also pushed managers who never thought they would need to understand
the intricacies of working with technology to seek knowledge about
such issues. This text is the first to recognize that MTI is not strictly a technical
concern or a business concern.